What vitamins are needed for a nursing mother

As the baby grows due to supply breast milk, the vitamin complex should be directed to the needs of mothers and children.during breastfeeding significantly increases the consumption of vitamins A, C, E, D, B group should not forget the micro and macro elements: calcium, iron, phosphorus and zinc.

Vitamin C allows the iron is better absorbed, is responsible for resistance immunity, mom makes the skin smoother and more beautiful, it prevents the appearance of fatigue and apathy.

Vitamin A is necessary to the kid because he is directly responsible for the proper formation of bone and teeth.And for women, vitamin A, is a means of beauty, because it supports the skin tone, is responsible for
the beauty of hair and nails.Vitamin E improves lactation and normalizes the function of female reproductive glands.

For proper mineralization of bone tissue and the formation of teeth need vitamin D, if it is lacking in human milk, the child can form rickets - in violation of the bone structure of the machine: the curvature of the bones of the lower extremities, chest deformity.Subsequently, these defects can not be corrected simply.

B vitamins are involved in all processes of growth and proper formation of the internal organs, regulate metabolic processes, supports the normal functioning of the nervous system, responsible for the proper development and growth of the organism.

What vitamins should take lactating women

If a woman or child will lack in a particular matter, it could affect the health, development, and their general condition.Therefore, doctors recommend that the period of breast-feeding mothers to take vitamin and mineral complex.

For example, a complex for nursing mothers "Vitrum" contains 10 essential vitamins and trace elements 3.The drug is not overloaded with unnecessary substances, so safe for women who are breastfeeding their babies.
An excellent choice would be "Complivit Mama for pregnant and lactating women".This complex will help to preserve and maintain the beauty of the woman and the child get all the necessary materials for the proper growth and development.

Actually, vitamins for nursing mothers there are so many.They are usually selects the doctor, taking into account characteristics of the power of women, region of residence, for the needs of the child.