counterfeit medicines, alas, is no longer a rarity.In the last century there were cases counterfeiting of medicines.So in the US once the seized quantity of contraceptives, which consisted of pure chalk.A fake paracetamol was the cause of death of children in Nigeria.

are four types of counterfeit drugs

1. «Dummy" - preparations in which no drugs at all.Seemingly innocuous option.But harmlessness is imaginary.After all, there are drugs with the function of emergency, in force immediately.Often this spazmalitiki, relieving asthma.And harmless "Dummy" is can cause death.

2. «Imitations" - a tablet in which the active ingredient is replaced with a less efficient and therefore cheaper price.The pharmacy a lot of similar products with different price.For any effective

drugs can be expensive to find his likeness, which is much cheaper.But the action of the drug will be somewhat weaker."Imitation" are the same as the first-class drug, but contains a substance cheaper analogue.For what it is, it is clear without unnecessary comments.

3. «Changed medicines" contain the same drugs that should be.But the dosage of these substances arbitrary.Well, if it is less - the medicine does not help simply wrong, but if the dose is exceeded, the consequences may be irreversible.

4. «Preparations copy" contain the same ingredients as the originals, but the quality of their production is poor.It is not known where and how to stamp the pills - are questionable and do not inspire confidence.

Recognize fake drugs can be.

1. According to the packaging.If it looks shabby, sloppy, and the information on it in some places do not tell.Maybe smeared bar code, batch number and expiration date.As cheerleaders have some additional unfamiliar and the labels on the usual box.

2. According to the summary.Or rather, in her absence.If the instructions for use none at all, or instead is advertising - the preparation, unequivocally false.

3. For the price.This is exactly the case when the economy is dangerous.When the drug is cheaper than elsewhere, we must be vigilant.

4. By efficiency.If the drug is generally well worked, does not work as it should - it's not getting used to it.It's a fake copy.It is advisable to send the pills to the examination to detect the fact of falsification.

In Russia, most of the most popular counterfeited medicines, and the most publicized.This ointments, and gels, and antibiotics.And among the latter - 46% false.

particular danger to the public are dietary supplements.From the usefulness and so questionable, but if they are also fake - this is a real threat to health.Because dietary supplements are taken every day.

Slimming so widely available in pharmacies that overweight people at least once in life, but to buy one or another drug.Some take them regularly.But almost all of these additives themselves are dangerous to health.They contain and psychotropic substances, and even drugs.And when they are still not real ...

buy medicine, all the same, it is better in the audited areas.Doubtful kiosks need to get round.The chance to buy low-quality product is already large.