Instructions for Use "Trichopolum»

«Trichopolum" indicated for the treatment and prevention of anaerobic infections in surgical operations, as part of a combined treatment of mixed aerobic-anaerobic infections.The drug helps in the treatment of gas gangrene, sepsis, brain abscesses, peritonitis, abscesses, pelvic organs, skin infections, gynecological infections, severe hepatic and intestinal amebiasis.In conjunction with the "amoxicillin" drug may be given for the treatment of ulcers or gastritis caused by Helicobacter.In the treatment of certain diseases with "Trichopolum" apply "nystatin" and "Claritin".

active component "Trichopolum" - metronidazole.The drug is released in the form of solution and form pellets."Trichopolum" tablets taken by mouth without chewing, during or after a meal.If trichomoniasis adults and children from ten yea
rs prescribed one tablet three times a day.The same amount of drug administered in bacterial vaginosis. dosage of the drug depends on the disease and the patient's age.

to treat amebiasis, "Trichopolum" designated for adults and children over ten years in the amount of three tablets three times a day.Children under ten years of a reduced amount of drug administered.The duration of treatment - five days.When periodontal infections and acute odontogenic infections "Trichopolum" take one tablet three times a day.The course of treatment can be three to seven days.

contraindications, side effects "Trichopolum»

«Trichopolum" is contraindicated in leukopenia, hepatic and renal failure, when an organic lesion of the central nervous system, hypersensitivity in the first trimester of pregnancy, lactation. «Trichopolum" prescribed with caution in II and III trimester of pregnancy.

«Trichopolum", reviews, may cause the following side effects.On the part of the gastrointestinal tract may decrease appetite, dry mouth, nausea, intestinal colic, jaundice, pancreatitis, taste disturbance, vomiting, constipation, anorexia.

the part of the central nervous system can occur convulsions, depression, encephalopathy, sleep disturbances, headache, hallucinations, weakness, incoordination, dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, irritability.With the genitourinary system may appear discoloration of urine, pain in the vagina, polyuria, cystitis, vulvovaginal candidiasis."Trichopolum" can also cause skin rashes, thrombosis, fever, gynecomastia, pustular rash, itching, and nasal congestion.