you need
  • Light food, mineral water, comfortable clothing, air conditioning,
not overeat
In hot weather, the body has to actively resist high temperatures, so do notoverloading his heavy food.The heat is removed from the diet of fatty, fried foods, too spicy or spicy dishes.Hot soup on a meat broth is better to replace okroshka or cold beetroot soup, steak - salad with chicken breast, and a piece of cake - sorbet or fruit jelly.Doctors recommend "have water," that is to eat foods with a high content of water: fresh vegetables, lettuce, juicy fruit.Do not be amiss to remember that in the heat should exclude strong (and ideally - all) alcoholic beverages.And certainly refrain from buying food on the street.
drink in the heat of the body loses a lot of moisture, which must
be replenished.If ordinary days the daily rate of fluid intake - two liters, in the hot days you need to increase this to three liters.It is important to not only the quantity but also the quality of the drinking.It is best if it is ordinary water (even sparkling) are considered as green tea (or cold it is good with a slice of lemon) and fresh juices (without pulp).Soups, coffee and drinking yoghurt are not counted.Together with then from the body out so important potassium and sodium, so if you are sweating profusely, you need to think about maintaining water and salt balance in the diet and include drinks with electrolytes (they can be found among the sports nutrition).Natural drink with electrolytes - coconut water.
Drink - the health monitor
Dress properly
To avoid overheating, you need to choose the right clothes.It needs to be cut free and sewn from natural fibers - cotton, linen or silk, preferably bright colors.Equally important is the underwear.Synthetic underwear in hot weather can provoke an aggravation of some gynecological diseases.Slimming panties and bras with foam inserts also leave for the colder weather.The best choice - comfortable cotton underwear.
Clothing with a breeze
Avoid excessive loads
In the heat should be some changes in their physical activity.For example, daily jogging track is transferred from the park to the track in a cool room fitness club.A training on simulators replace swimming in the pool.Yoga, Pilates and other exercise related to breathing, can help supply the body with oxygen.
The heat is quite understandable desire to be anywhere close to the air conditioner.However, the cool air conditioner may do a disservice, so in rooms with air conditioning in the car, or occupy a position that the flow of cold air is not directed directly at you.Another danger is cold beverages.According to statistics, in the heat increases the number of colds.Remember, in an effort to salvage the cool overdoing it.