Ā«Mikrolaks" is used in the treatment of constipation, including accompanied by incontinence.Also, the tool is shown in preparation for rengenologicheskim studies of the gastrointestinal tract, and before performing endoscopic procedures.The drug "Mikrolaks" used rectally.The single dosage is microclysters 1, which contains 5 ml of the drug.You can use the funds as needed.The result of the drug occurs within 5-15 minutes after administration of the enema.
active ingredients "Mikrolaks" contribute to thinning of the intestinal contents by stimulating the flow of water into it.This effect provides a laxative effect and facilitates the process of defecation.Thanks to the rounded tip of the enema does not injure the mucous membrane of the anus and intestines.Because to
pical given the drug acts directly on the accumulation of feces, without affecting the overlying gastrointestinal tract.
Before using "Mikrolaks" from the tip to the drug should be broken off seal.Next, gently push the tube to drop money greased tip microclysters - this will make the application process easier and drugs bezbolezznennym.The tip of the tube should be introduced into the rectum: adults and children from 3 years old - in full, for children up to 3 years - half (up to a special mark).Gently squeezing the enema, you must add the entire contents of the container into the intestine, and then remove the cap.At the same time taking an enema of the colon is necessary to continue to squeeze the tube.
Enema "Mikrolaks" You can use nursing women, and children, including a newborn.Also, this means no precautions are allowed to use during pregnancy.If drug therapy is "Mikrolaks" does not give the desired result for a long time, the patient should see a doctor.
During the use of the drug "Mikrolaks" there may be unwanted side effects in the form of a light burning in the anus.Such reactions are alone.In rare cases, possible hypersensitivity to the microclysters.If you experience severe side effects are advised to consult a doctor.