In the first trimester, it is desirable to limit the use of any medications, becausethey can harm the developing embryo, the more antibiotics.Second and third trimesters are more secure, but it should be noted that each drug has its own specific time frame in which it is contraindicated.All this should be good to know your doctor.
known that many bacteria are resistant to antibiotics, so before treatment is better to test for sensitivity.The test results will show exactly which bacteria cause disease and which antibiotic affects them the most effective impact.If it is impossible to conduct the test, the doctor may prescribe a broad-spectrum antibiotic.
The most common need for antibiotic treatment occurs in the case of
pyelonephritis, pneumonia, bronchitis and severe angina, severe intestinal infections, blood poisoning, specific diseases caused by rare bacteria.In these situations, antibiotic treatment is justified.
Generally, antibiotics are the main risk to the mother's body does not, and for the developing baby.These drugs have a tendency to pass through the placenta into the bloodstream of the fetus, and are able to provide the most intensively growing at any given time the body most negative impact.
all antibiotics during pregnancy can be divided into three groups: completely prohibited, permitted and those effects on the fetus have not yet been studied, and their use is possible only in extreme cases.
strictly forbidden "Tetracycline", "Doxycycline", so-called fluoroquinolones ("Ciprofloxacin", "Tsiprolet", "nolitsin", "Abaktal", "Floksal" and others.) "Clarithromycin"" Klatsid "" Fromilid "" Klabaks '' midecamycin "" Roxithromycin "formulations of aminoglycoside (" Kanamycin "," Tobramycin "" Streptomycin ")," Furazidin "" nifuroxazide "" Chloramphenicol ""Chloramphenicol", "Dioksidin", "Co-trimoxazole," "Biseptolum."
In cases vital necessity can be used the following drugs: "Azithromycin" "Sumamed", "Zitrolid", "Z-factor", "Hemomitsin", "Nitrofurantoin" "furadonin", "Metronidazole "" Clione "" Trichopolum "" Metrogil "," Gentamycin ".
These drugs are quite safe during the childbearing, but we must remember that every drug should be administered by your doctor."Penicillin" "amoxicillin", "Amoksiklav", "ampicillin" "Penicillin" and its analogs, antibiotics, cephalosporins - "Cefazolin" "Cephalexin" "ceftriaxone" "Cefuroxime" "Cefixime" "Cefoperazone""Erythromycin" and "Josamycin" and "Spiramycin".All of them pass through the placenta, without causing adverse effects on the baby, accelerated the pace of withdrawal from the mother's kidneys.