«Nootropil": readings, reviews

«Nootropil" helps to improve communication between the hemispheres of the brain, improves cerebral blood circulation.According to reviews, the preparation exhibits protective and restorative action in violation of the functions of the brain, caused by hypoxia and intoxication.Active ingredient "nootropics" affects blood viscosity, improves microcirculation and metabolism of the nerve cell, alters the propagation velocity of the pulses in the brain. The active ingredient of the drug - piracetam.

Adults drug prescribed for the treatment of dizziness and balance disorders, for the treatment of symptoms of psycho-organic syndrome (decreased activity, concentration, memory, changes in mood, behavior, gait).Babies "Nootropil" give when dyslexia, for the relief and prevention of sickle cell crisis vazookklyuzionnogo.

by reviews, "Nootropil" can cause a variety of central nervous system disorders: drowsiness, fatigue, motor disinhibition, imbalance, insomnia, mental stimulation, irritability, hallucinations, depression, headache, exacerbation of epilepsy, anxiety, ataxia, confusion.During the administration of the drug can be nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, hypersensitivity, anaphylactic reactions, angioedema, low blood pressure, weight gain, itching, hives, dermatitis.

Instructions for Use "nootropics»

Capsules "nootropics" should be taken before or during the meal.The daily amount of the preparation is divided into two or four portions.In order not to cause sleep disorders, take the last dose no later than 17 hours.In the treatment of cortical myoclonus initial daily amount "nootropics" should be 7.2 g, it increases every three days to 4.8 g during the entire treatment period, drug taking 24 grams per day.After six months of therapy, "Nootropil" cancel or reduce the daily amount, reducing it to 1.2 grams a day. Precautions "Nootropil" taking in disorders of hemostasis, severe bleeding after major surgery.

When psychoorganic syndrome within the first week, "Nootropil" need to take 4.8 grams a day, and then reduce the dose to maintenance - 1.2-2.4 grams.When dizziness and impaired balance appoint 2,4-4,8 grams of "nootropics" a day.If use of the drug provides a small therapeutic effect, it should be discontinued."Nootropil" is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity, agitation, hemorrhagic stroke, chronic renal failure, pregnancy and lactation.