Take sleeping pills briefly

If you have chronic insomnia, and OTC drugs are ineffective actions, contact your doctor psychiatrist.The doctor will find out what the cause of insomnia in fact, and on this basis will make recommendations as to cope with it.
optimally selected dose of sleeping pills does not cause daytime drowsiness and lethargy.

Often insomnia is caused by the wrong mode of the day, plentiful food consumed right before bedtime, excessive intake of caffeine, nicotine, which is traditionally considered a central nervous system stimulant.

If true insomnia, which afflicts many, it is worth trying to use sleeping pills without prescription.These drugs include "Donormil", "melaxen", "Andante", as well as of vegetable origin: "Persia," "New Pass", "Drops even
ing", "sleepy", etc.

Take the pill without prescription should be strictly according to instructions.Carefully read the summary of the manufacturer, which details the dose and time of administration.Do not exceed the recommended dose and do not take sleeping pills for longer than recommended by the manufacturer.For example, "Donormil" recommend taking a dose half to two tablets no more than 1-2 weeks.

Sleeping pills prescribed by the doctor, can be addictive.Therefore, a doctor writes a prescription for a limited amount of the drug, and a pharmacist has no right to let sleeping pills more than specified in the recipe.

Buy prescription drugs online pharmacies impossible.So, anyway, the patient is forced to turn to a specialist who will decide the question of the rationality of receiving major pharmaceuticals that help to cope with insomnia.
If you need to get up early, take a sleeping pill at least for 7-8 hours until recovery.

dependence on sleeping pills

Sleeping pills give a deep sleep insomnia tormented man.But, unfortunately, this gift has a downside.If you take serious medications regularly, after a while they simply cease to function.The dose has to systematically increase.And man becomes a prisoner sleeping pills to fall asleep without which it becomes almost impossible.To avoid this, take drugs with hypnotic effect briefly.Do not increase the dose of their own.If the designated funds are no longer help you, see your doctor to review treatment strategies.

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