iodine-based preparations are divided into several groups.Containing elemental iodine (iodine and alcohol solution "Lugol's solution").Inorganic iodide (potassium and sodium iodide).Organic substances split off elemental iodine ("Iodoform" "Iodinol" et al.).Iodine-containing organic compound (radiopaque material).Structure and Composition: crystalline iodine in the powder;5% and 10% alcohol solution of iodine i
n vials of 10 ml capacity;5% alcoholic solution of iodine in 1 ml ampoules.
iodine solution is widely used for the treatment of wounds, preparation for operations.This is due to its antiseptic properties.When applied to the skin and mucous membranes, the solution has anti-inflammatory effects.Iodine prevent the accumulation of radioactive iodine in the thyroid gland and promote its excretion from the body, which significantly reduces radiation dose and radiation exposure in diagnostic studies.When administered iodine affect metabolism and are capable of lowering blood cholesterol.Widely used as an expectorant.
iodine solution is applied externally and inwardly.Outwardly (5% and 10%) - as a means of disinfecting skin lesions and mucous membranes.Inside (0.02 g) - in atherosclerosis, inflammation in the airways, syphilis, prevention and treatment of thyroid diseases, chronic poisoning by mercury and lead, as well as in some women's diseases.Patients with fungal diseases iodine administered as an adjunct in the treatment.
most widely used iodine "antistrumin" (used to prevent endemic goiter), "Betadine" (used to disinfect the skin and mucous membranes prior to surgery and skin lesions), "Joks" (activeagainst bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa), "iodide" (reimburse iodine deficiency), "Iodinol" (has a strong antiseptic and antifungal action), "Yodolipol" (contrast agent for X-ray examination of abdominal organs), "Yodonat" (hashigh bactericidal activity).
«yodopiron" (skin antiseptic broad-spectrum), "Kaltsiyodin" (indicated for the treatment of atherosclerosis, dry bronchitis, chronic rheumatism), "Mikroyod" (used to treat hyperthyroidism), "Potassium Iodide"(treatment of fungal infections and receiving iodized salt), "Lugol's solution" (applied topically to lubricate the throat in various lesions of the mucous).
incompatible with ihtiola Iodine, essential oils, ammonia and mercuric amidochloride.The alcohol solution may delay the UV rays, therefore phototherapy is carried out after the removal of iodine from the skin surface.
In the case of long-term use of iodine overdose and elevated individual intolerance may be a manifestation yodizma: runny nose, inflammation of the lining of the nose, eyes, mouth, skin rashes and other. Contraindications to the use of drugs iodine inside are pulmonary tuberculosis, abrasions, rhinitis, kidney disease and increased sensitivity.