Couperose - a syndrome characterized by the appearance of spider veins on the face, redness, inflammation often encountered most often in the skin of the chin, cheeks, nose, caused by microcirculatory disorders.As a result, blood vessels become more brittle, moreover increases the capillary lumen.

Antikuperoznye funds today come in the form of ointments, gels, creams.The most famous is a drug as "Antikuperoz."The composition of the gel antikuperoznogo includes components such as an extract of butcher, chestnut, willow, buckwheat and others.Of great importance is hyaluronic acid.

This tool contributes to a narrowing of the small blood vessels, increases their elasticity due to changes in the activity of enzymes of lysosomes.He warns inflammatory processes, improves metabolism in the skin, reduces the permeability of small vessels
.Gel restores normal color and smoothness of the skin, reduces congestion, normalizes blood circulation in the capillaries and removes the spider veins.This tool does not have any adverse reactions.

main indications for treatment

main indications for the use of funds are antikuperoznyh:
- sensitive and dry skin with signs of rosacea;
- angioma - a heavy, but a benign pathology, which is represented by a tumor of the blood and lymph vessels, causing violated the integrity of capillaries, there are so-called spider veins, facial redness and swelling often;

Antikuperoznoe course facility should be used at least 1 - 2 times a week for a total of 10 procedures - 15.
main cause of rosacea - is the wrong skin care, genetic predisposition, chronic pathology of gastro - intestinal tract, stress, smoking,alcohol, Antikuperoznoe means comprises incorporates various biologically active substances, including vitamins, minerals, collagen, which reinforce the vessel wall, blood vessels constrict and remove the main symptoms of the disease.


Although safety of antikuperoznogo means for him all the same, there are some contraindications.Firstly, this idiosyncrasy of some of the components included in its composition.Second, the increased sensitivity of the skin, which can manifest allergic reactions.Third, it is compromising the integrity of the facial skin (the presence of ulcers, scratches, wounds and the like).This preparation is used for external use only and should not fall into the general circulation.It should be noted that when using antikuperoznogo means should abandon cosmetics containing alcohol, peppermint, eucalyptus and some other herbs.

Antikuperoznoe means - is not only a medical gel or cream.It can be represented by folk remedies.Everyone knows that the mask based on fresh vegetables, fruits, great help to cope with rosacea.Thus, we can conclude that the indications for antikuperoznogo means is a violation of the vascular wall of the capillaries of the face, angioma, the presence of spider veins, prevention of rosacea, dry and sensitive skin with signs of rosacea.