Product description

Mountain mummy is a natural, organic compound that can be stored indefinitely for a long time.Despite the fact that the mummy is widely used by traditional healers, modern medicine confirms its curative effect.

Shilajit has anti-tumor effect, it is often recommended for older people, as it is believed that it exhibits an anti-aging effect and slows the aging process.Mountain mummy is very good for the digestive tract diseases, inflammatory processes and even neurological diseases.

Application mountain

mummy mummy is used for the treatment of cellulite in the fight against excess weight.This in itself is not zhiroszhigayuschim mumie drug, b
ut it has some laxative effect, improving metabolism and reduces hunger, thereby solving the problem of being overweight.

In order slimming mummy use twice a day - on an empty stomach, and one hour before bedtime, but one dose should not exceed one gram.Tablets to be dissolved in water and drink the solution.The course of treatment is twenty days, after which you need to take a break.

Apply mummy and after pregnancy, trying to eliminate stretch marks, which remain after the birth.Mummies allows, if not removed, then flatten and make them less noticeable.The structure of the mountain mummy contain essential oils and other useful organic compounds, which contribute to the necessary smoothing effect.

To eliminate stretch marks postpartum via mountain mummy there are several ways.One of them consists in the fact that it is necessary to crush the tablet so as to obtain a half gram of substance.It must be dissolved in a body lotion or massage oil, then rub it into the area stretching for thirty days.

second way - is the production of one gram of ointment pounded tablets mummy, baby cream and a tablespoon of boiled water.The resulting mixture should be stored in the refrigerator and every day to rub in the problem areas.

can also use the mummies, some tablets dissolving in the microwave, adding the resulting mass a little olive oil and put the resulting mass at night.It is worth noting that the mummy to remove stretch marks is suitable for the treatment of many skin diseases.

possible harm mummy

Despite curative means mountain mummy, it must be remembered that prolonged use of this tool can cause the body harm.There are certain contraindications.Thus, the treatment should refrain from using mummy children up to twelve years.Not recommended mummy pregnant and lactating women.

Even today, the exact chemical composition of the mountain mummy is not fully known, and to predict the body's reaction to this drug is not always possible.