When you can do without pills

Today, medical information and reference drugs in pharmacies have become so accessible and queues in hospitals - so tedious that many are accustomed to the slightest provocation to use drugs themselves.

Blunders - taking antipyretic pills as soon as the temperature rose.If it is not greater than 38.5 degrees, it does not need to be reduced.After regulators body body tends to eliminate the cause of ill-health.Why should he interfere?

for colds, flu, many OVRI often cling to antibiotics.Not only that, it is useless, because these diseases are not caused by bacteria and viruses.In fact, it is a voluntary blow to his own body.If we take the drugs, the antiviral and not antibiotics.

But first try the best home r
emedies are harmless.Take a contrast shower, rinse your nose and throat with salt water or decoction of sage, calendula, drink tea with honey and lemon to get a good sweat.

Another thing - when treatment is started too late, the inflammatory process involved the lower respiratory tract, and is now a viral bacterial infection.Then, without antibiotics really can not do.

When headaches should not immediately swallow painkillers.Try first to remove her light, harmless means.Sometimes it is enough to drink a hot cup of strong tea or coffee, to relieve cramps.Or massage temple, back of the head, neck, collar area.Sometimes the pain goes away, is only only wash your hair with hot water.

toothache?Do not immediately get "Ketanov" or "Nise".Try to chew a little bit of dried marjoram and hold for ten minutes.It does not help - crush some flowers spicy condiment cloves and put powder on tantalizing you tooth.You can try a mummy.Pain persisted and the magnet, if you make it to the cheek for an hour and a half.

heartache can not long endure.But before putting nitroglycerine under the tongue, is easy to take herbal remedy, relieves stress: Valerian tincture, for example, or Leonurus.

Absolutely can not take analgesics for acute abdominal pain.Especially in the lower right area of ​​the peritoneum - is the first suspected acute appendicitis.If, instead of calling an ambulance to take analgesics, pain disappears, and the clinical picture of the disease greased.Man calm, but festering appendix can burst and cause peritonitis.

particularly dangerous drugs during pregnancy.Exceptions, of course, may be - of two evils choose the lesser.But the expectant mother must take medication only in consultation with a gynecologist.

When to drink tablets necessarily

course, from herbs less harm than by synthetic drugs.Decoctions and infusions of herbs are much milder, and therefore the treatment they require more time.But the possibilities of herbal medicine is very limited.

pneumonia, for example, can not be cured some herbs.When infectious diseases are always prescribe antibiotics.Take them must-complete course without interruption, even when significant improvement.

There are diseases that can get rid of by swallowing a pill one-time fee.For example, worm infestation.There are illnesses in which have to take them periodically.This seasonal allergies and depression, exacerbation of many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, musculoskeletal system.

And there are diseases in which the tablets are necessary for life.These are hypertension, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, dementia, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, myocardial infarction, stroke, and many others.

you appointed medical preparations.You have read and astonished how many contraindications and side effects!But you can not replace prescribed drugs or weaker counterparts at their own discretion.If your doctor has prescribed medications, they need to take, just follow all its recommendations.