Classification drops from a cold

all drops from the common cold, used for colds, are divided into four types: phenylephrine, xylometazoline, naphazoline and oxymetazoline.The group of phenylephrine drops are trademarks "Vibrocil", "Nazol Kids," "Nazol Baby."The action of this group is directed to receptors α1.Other species - xylometazoline, naphazoline and oxymetazoline constitute a group of imidazolines, they apply to receptors α1 and α2.By subgroup ksilometazolina products include brands "Galazolin", "Otrivin", "Farmazolin";a subgroup Oxymetazoline - brands "Nazivin", "Nazol", "Noksprey", "Rinazolin";a subgroup nafazolina - "Sanorin",

Group imidazolines acting on both types of receptors has a more pronounced and prolonged effect.Drugs in this group will relieve swelling of the nasal mucosa, allowing normal breathing for 10-12 hours.Phenylephrine is not as effective and the effect of short duration - only 2-4 hours.Conducted in 1994, clinical trials of drugs and phenylephrine xylometazoline subgroups showed that the first relieve difficulty in breathing by 33%, and the second - only 17%.All of these drugs are not prohibited for use either in the EU or in the US.

What nose drops choose colds

But not all so simple.The simultaneous effect on both types of receptors using imidazolines leads to constriction of arterioles, which supply blood to the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity.Prolonged circulatory disorders can cause pathological damage to its structure due to lack of oxygen in the tissues.Preparations of phenylephrine affect only capacitive venous vessels of the mucous, so the structure of its tissue in their application does not change.

Therefore, the application of more effective imidazolines important to follow the recommendations set out in the manual, and to limit the duration of the application by 3 days.Between drugs different subgroups of this group no significant difference in efficiency impacts have been identified.

In that case, when you choose a drop in the nose for the child, you should buy safer drugs of phenylephrine.They have a more gentle effect and is rapidly cleared from the body.Phenylephrine, subject to the dosage and timing of application are not addictive.