analgesic drugs.During pregnancy strictly contraindicated narcotic analgesics any origin, such as "Codeine", "Promedol," "Fentanyl", "Pentazocine" and "tilidine".When pregnancy is also prohibited on the basis of pain medicine "aspirin."The first and third trimester of one of the most dangerous antipyretics and antiinflammatory agents considered "Ibuprofen"."Analgin", "Quinine" and "Indomethacin" are also included in the list of banned drugs during pregnancy.
Antibiotics.Drugs in this group during the childbearing better not to use at all, but the most unsafe medicines that can cause irreversible malf
ormation of the fetus are considered to tetracycline antibiotics, "Doxycycline", "Gentomitsin", "Streptomycin", "Biseptolum" and "Levomitsin."
antispasmodics.During pregnancy to relieve spasms may only be used drugs "papaverine" and "No-spa."Expectant mother can drink them on prescription.All other antispasmodics contraindicated.
drugs for colds.Among the prohibited during pregnancy Cough Medicine - "Septolete" "Valium" and "Falimint."Among the most popular drugs for the common cold such drugs are "Galazolin", "Xylene", "Otrivin" and "Dlyanos."It is not desirable to use any vasoconstrictor, including nasal drops from the common cold.
antihistamines, anti-tumor, anti-convulsants, gormonosoderzhaschie, anesthetics, and tranquilizers and synthetic sedatives.Among these kinds of drugs have no such resources that it would be safe to use during pregnancy.However, in an emergency, your doctor may prescribe any of these drugs, provided that they cause health of the unborn child is less harmful than the rejection of their application.
vitamins, fortifying and immunomodulatory agents.During pregnancy invalid receive a large amount of vitamin A, and formulations containing trace elements such as potassium, magnesium and lithium.The uncontrolled use of such funds is fraught with imbalance of trace elements in the body of the future mother, which can lead to no less serious malformations of the fetus than the use of potent drugs.Drink vitamins and dietary supplements should be only on prescription.
Remember, virtually all existing drugs have side effects and can have a negative impact on the health of the pregnant woman and the unborn child.During pregnancy it is better to avoid taking any drugs unless they are prescribed by a doctor.Try to find a safe and effective alternative to the usual medicines, but be sure to do it together with the attending specialist.