Herbal immunomodulators

drugs from medicinal plants are soft, so they usually take a long time.If you are prone to frequent colds, flu, skin inflammation, you have a weak throat, can strengthen the body "Immunalom."

This drug is made from the herb Echinacea.He was well taken, and after treatment with antibiotics, chemotherapy."Immunal" is also effective for inflammation of the female urogenital.

Echinacea Tincture good heals wounds, relieves inflammation.There she and a rare feature: it cleans the blood, so it is often treated with a sick liver.

However, echinacea preparations are contraindicated in allergies, tuberculosis, cancer and autoimmune diseases, AIDS.Pregnant and lactating women are not recommend
ed to use them.

similar in its effect of ginseng tincture, Siberian Ginseng extract and lemongrass.All of them - from the group adaptogens that strengthening nervous system, thereby multiply the organism.Taking drugs for a long time, autumn and winter.In the summer months it is necessary to make a break.Do not take this money just to sleep and during pregnancy.

Bacterial immunomodulators

These products contain enzymes such dangerous disease-causing bacteria like staphylococci, streptococci, pneumococci.However, they are not only harmless, but very useful, because it powerfully stimulate the immune system.

With frequent angina and other sore throat, ear, nose good "Ribomunil" in pills and granules, of which a solution was prepared.It gives even the kids from six months.

those who unsuccessfully treats longtime chronic bronchitis, should strengthen the protection of the upper respiratory tract "Broncho-munalom."It must be kept in a home medicine cabinet in case of autumn-winter exacerbations."Broncho-Munai" effective and frequent rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis.His children suffer great because it has no side effects.

When smoldering infection, prolonged inflammation and relapses recommended "Likopid."This is also one of the safest immunomodulators.

If you often have problems with inflammatory infections of the teeth, gums, mouth, hard to find a better cure "Imudon."It is usually prescribed dentists and otolaryngologists.Lozenges can be given to children from three years.

where necessary to protect the body from bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, otitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, try the drug "IRS-19."Nasal Spray is easy to use, especially for children, which can be treated with them three months.

whole bunch of advantages - from the preparation "Derinat."It's not only a powerful defender of the immune system.It is perfectly heals wounds and regenerates injured tissue, stimulates blood formation.Efficiency and injection "Derinat" and instillation into the nose.


to infection, once in the body, have not begun to multiply rapidly, used drugs in this group.However, their efficiency is very dependent on the timeliness of the application.If the disease is already in full swing, these funds are unlikely to help.For the prevention of infectious diseases, they also are not intended.

«leukocyte interferon" - powder in ampoules, to be diluted with saline or distilled water and buried in the nose, making inhalation.Similarly acts "Viferon" - ointment and rectal suppositories.

strong immunity to colds helping to develop "Grippferon."Buried in the nose drops, and during a flu epidemic for you to be harmless or it viruses, bacteria or many.

There is another group of drugs, which do not bring outside interferons, and stimulate their production by the body.These tablets under the tongue "Anaferon" conventional tablets "TSikloferon" and "Amiksin" as well as the capsule "Arbidol".However, "Arbidol" is often criticized for a lack of effectiveness.