Indications "Riboxinum»

«Riboxinum" contributes to the normalization of metabolism in the heart muscle, improves blood circulation, prevents violation of the heart rate.The drug improves the balance between energy production and consumption in the myocardium is involved in the metabolism of glucose, it promotes the exchange in violation of oxygen to the cells of the body, reduces platelet aggregation, prevents the formation of blood clots.

«Riboxinum" raises the energy level of cells, increases the force of contraction of the heart, helping to increase the volume of blood output, improves the recovery of myocardial tissue and mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract.The drug is prescribed for adults as part of an integrated treatment of coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, heart rhythm disturbances caused by the use of heart drugs. «Riboxinum" as prescribed in cirrhosis, hepatitis, fatty liver disease arising from the use of drugs or alcoholism.

Instructions for Use "Riboxinum»

One tablet contains 200 mg of inosine, one vial of 10 ml solution for injection contains 200 mg of inosine."Riboxinum" administered before meals.At night take 0,6-2,4 grams of the drug.This amount should be divided into three or four stages.On the first day take 200 milligrams of the drug three or four times a day, with good endurance 2-3 days increase the dose and take 400 mg three times a day.If necessary, you can assign up to 2.4 g 'Riboxinum "per day.The duration of the drug - from one month to one and a half to three months.

«Riboxinum" as a solution for injection administered intravenously (bolus or infusion).A drip shall be forty or sixty drops in one minute.The drug is administered in an amount of 200 mg once a day, and if it is well tolerated - 400 mg once or twice a day.The procedure was carried out for ten to fifteen days.

contraindications, side effects "Riboxinum»

While receiving "Riboxinum" possible occurrence of allergic skin reactions (rash, redness, itching).This requires removal of the drug.Sometimes long-term treatment "Riboxinum" acute gout and increased uric acid in the blood. Precautions "Riboxinum" is prescribed for kidney failure, diabetes.

During pregnancy, the appointment of "Riboxinum" contraindicated.At the time of treatment needed to stop breastfeeding.You can not assign "Riboxinum" in case of hypersensitivity to the drug, gout, increased blood levels of uric acid.