Useful properties

streptocidal ointment was originally developed as an anti-inflammatory agent with a pronounced antibacterial effect.It is intended for domestic use, is available without a prescription.The ointment is applied in the case of cuts, burns, infections, irritations, and other diseases that appear on the skin surface.This therapeutic agent is easily tolerated by the overwhelming majority of patients can be used to treat children and has virtually no side effects.

special composition and properties streptocidal ointment made her an excellent, efficient and very byudzhenym, regeneration and wound healing agent.Any cuts, open wounds, sutures, allergic reactions and skin irritation are significantly faster if the drug is used.It is often prescribed as an adjunct to postoperative therapy.

streptocidal ointment as a treatment for acne

healing and anti-inflammatory properties of this tool were quickly appreciated by many buyers, who began to use the drug as a substitute for more expensive remedies for acne.The effect of it really is.Inflammation become less pronounced and painful pimples and blackheads quickly dry up and disappear.Regular application of the funds directly to the lesions, helps to cleanse the skin from various shortcomings, to align its tone, to give a more healthy appearance.

But streptocidal acne ointment helps only if these lesions are not provoked by the body from various diseases, malfunction of the internal organs or hormonal imbalances.In the presence of such problems, the use of the ointment would be useless until it persists itself the cause of acne.

In other cases, for example, because of too active sebum, puberty or special, problematic skin types streptocidal ointment could have a positive effect, which will be no worse than that of the more expensive medical equipment.It is important to use the tool regularly, causing him a small amount on the entire area of ​​the affected area.