Sunlight is important for health: the body produces vitamin D, reduced cholesterol levels, improves metabolic processes, increases efficiency, resistance to infections and colds.Sunlight elevate mood, making people happy and attractive.

Terms tanning under the sun

1. Safe tanning is possible until 11 pm local time, and after 16 pm.

2. Protect your head from sunstroke Panama, and the skin - sunscreen.

3. Do not take spirits.

4. Sunbathing better in the shade: water and sand reflect sunlight.

5. Prolonged exposure to the sun is not recommended for children, the elderly and blond.In all should be the measure.

How solarium

about the lack of sunlight to the human body should be talking in the northern cities where winter lasts six months.Help comes solarium - special device for metered-dose irradiation sessions direct or sc
attered rays of artificial ultraviolet radiation.

Tan obtained in the solarium, safe if you follow the rules:

1. In the solarium the skin is exposed to intense UV radiation, which can lead to early wrinkles, freckles, aging and drying of the skin.Interval solarium - at least 24 hours.On this day, do not sunbathe.

2. The radiation in the solarium in 6 times more intense than sunlight: it increases the risk of burns.How many minutes should last session?Employee interior will create an individual program, which depends on your skin type, the initial degree of tanning lamps and power installation.

3. The radiation destroys the fundus of the eye and conjunctive.There is inflammation and irreversible vision loss, cataracts, retinal detachment.Use the special glasses to protect your eyes!

4. Taking antibiotics (doxycycline) enhances the sensitivity of the skin, and you may get allergic reactions such as itching and rashes.

5. The World Health Organization does not recommend the use of a solarium for children under 18 years.The doctor will determine the necessary dose and the number of sessions of exposure to UV radiation.This will help prevent skin cancer.

6. sunbathe only under the supervision of a specialist operator.

7. Use protective cream during the session, at the end - moisturizing.

8. woman sunbathing topless, must be used for the lining of breast areolas - Stikine.

Compliance with these rules will buy chocolate velvet tan at any time convenient for you, including winter.