If you do not have enough vitamins, you can start taking the next tincture: Take the fruit and chop cranberries, nettle leaves and rose hips (all in about equal proportions).Boil three to four teaspoons of mixture of one cup of boiling water, leave for at least three hours.Then strain the infusion and drink it in the morning, afternoon and evening over a glass.
have recipes and other vitamins infusion.To cook it you need the leaves of wild strawberry, black currant, cherry, mint, blueberry, blackberry, grass mother and stepmother, and dried fruit and red chokeberry, hawthorn, birch buds (almost all of these ingredients you can buyat the pharmacy).Mix a few teaspoons and fill them with boiling water.Insist the broth should be for about
two hours, then it must strain and take on your own.
increase their endurance, improve liver and kidneys, digestive system, accelerate the recovery of the body after heavy loads can be by a special infusion.It is prepared from fresh rose hips collected certainly before the first frost (August or September), that is precisely the time when they blush.Rinse with 20 grams of fruit under cold water, fill them with 0.5 liters of boiling water, and then put in a water bath at 10 minutes Insist in a thermos all the whole night, in the morning strain.To make the infusion of a little sweeter, add the sugar or honey.Drink half a cup of broth is recommended for three times a day.By the way, it should not be stored for more than two days in a cool place.
A good assistant when vitamin deficiency and will drink of carrot, lemon and honey.Just dissolve in a glass of boiled water a couple of tablespoons of honey, carrot juice (squeezed from one kilogram of carrots) and lemon juice (only need one).All mix and drink during the day.