Therapeutic effect "AfobazolĀ»

pharmacological action "Afobazol" - anxiolytic, sedative, and mild stimulant.Receiving it relieves anxiety, foreboding, anxiety, irritability, and fearfulness, increased tearfulness, anxiety, inability to relax, insomnia, fear."Afobazol" is a new generation of drugs, it does not have any negative impact on the reaction rate or the coordination or the memory of a man, does not cause drowsiness, acting as sleeping pills, psychotropic drugs were characterized than previous generations.It is still not observed, and the side effects provoked by long or short-term intak
e of this medicine. medication "Afobazol" is not addictive, it can be drunk as necessary when you need to relieve stress and anxiety caused by them.

Thanks to this, buy pills "Afobazol" in the pharmacy can be without a prescription but you should not think that this is a panacea, fleeing from any nervous disorders.It is particularly recommended to make those who suffer from neurosis, develop from increased suspiciousness.It is recommended for hormonal failures, disruption of the digestive tract and the cardiovascular system, accompanied by pain."Afobazol" relieves anxiety of waiting for pain and has a calming effect, thereby reducing tension, part of the reason these feelings.It is prescribed to smokers who have decided to get rid of this destructive health habits. Ā«Afobazol" should not be taken in cases of individual intolerance, not to provoke an allergic reaction.It is contraindicated in children, pregnant and lactating women.

Compatibility "Afobazol" with alcohol

As you can see, take "Afobazol" may be many categories of people whose disease is not serious enough to completely eliminate the use of alcohol.Independent studies conducted by medical institutions showed that the course of a combine "Afobazol" alcohol can be.Only it should be noted that large amounts of alcohol significantly reduce the therapeutic effect of this medicine.

In this case, it may be advisable not to fill in trouble with alcohol, experiencing anxiety and stress, and simply continue to take this drug that, unlike alcohol, do not harm your health reasons.But if you do not resist, and even a little "touched", "Afobazol" way to relieve withdrawal symptoms, which is seen in people who abuse alcohol.