Cough - the physiological reaction to the irritation of the respiratory tract by chemical, physical or organic factors.Today, there are a myriad of antitussives, designed to eliminate and alleviate the most different kinds of cough.
All drugs that suppress the cough reflex, divided into three groups.The first group includes drugs that inhibit the cough center in the brain and nerve endings.The second group affects the bronchial mucosa and smooth muscles, and the third changes the structure of the sputum.For drugs for dry cough, applied in the absence of sputum and used to influence the cough center, are "Demorfan", "Codeine", "Kodipront", "Tusupreks", "Sinekod", "Glauvent" and others. These drugs are used fornonproductive cough, exhausting the already weakened man.
to the group of medicines dry cough peripheral actions affecting the nerve endings in the traheobronhalnom tree are "Levopront", "Libeksin" and "Gelitsidin."For medicines that help coughs and providing both a bronchodilator, expectorant and anti-inflammatory effects are "Protiazin", "Stoptussin", "Bronholitin", "butamirata" and others.
In a separate group of isolated drug with mucolyticand expectorant effect.Expectorant reflex actions are "Lycorine", "Thermopsis", licorice root, marshmallow and Elecampane.Stimulating gag and gastropulmonarnym effect have "ammonium chloride", "Ipecac", "Sodium Citrate" and others. Resorptive effect, enhancing the bronchial secretions have a "sodium bicarbonate", "Sodium Iodide", "Potassium Iodide" and others.
Help cough may mucolytic drugs, erodible polymer communication bronchial mucus.It is about "Mukoltine" "acetylcysteine" "Mukobene", "terpine" and others. The group carbocisteine ​​are "Mukopront", "Mukosol", "Mistabron" and others. To reduce the viscosity of the sputum to help "Trypsin", "streptokinase""chymotrypsin" and others.
From mukoregulyatorov indirect high efficiency have "Ambroxol", "Bromhexine", "Sobrerod" and others. To remove the inflammation and have an expectorant and bronchodilator effects can "Sinupret""Pulmotin", "Evkabal", "Prospan", "Gedeliks" and others. It should be remembered that in most cases, is replaced by a dry cough wet and very important time to change the treatment regimen and start taking means enhancing expectoration.