to stop being afraid of oncology sick man, you must understand what cancer is - is primarily a tumor.Cells though learned uncontrollably multiply and spread in a single organism, a strategy for the transition from one body to another at them no longer exists.In this they differ from viruses and bacteria, whose search for a new host is included in the life cycle.Cancer is killing the organism itself eventually dies therewith.Therefore, healthy people there is no need to fear that the cancer cells will give them a close contact with the patient.But even if this happens by accident, and, for example, when caring for the patient or the use of one set of laundry or dishes,
the immune system immediately recognizes foreign cells and do its utmost to instant destruction.In fairness, it is worth mentioning that in the body of every person almost every day there is this or that mutated cells that can give impetus to the development of cancer.And they immediately destroyed.As long as the protection system is not an error occurs.Or, conversely, never arise.
Even in the case of cancer which are the cause of certain bacteria or viruses, such as liver cancer or cervical cancer - cancer risk of transmission is reduced to a minimum such that the statistics prefers to ignore it altogether.That is, the medicine does not deny the probability of infection by the same papilloma virus by contact with an infected person healthy, but this infection does not mean that people necessarily get cancer.For the occurrence of cancer must be a confluence of several circumstances, and the virus is one of them, and not the most important.
And we must not forget that cancer cells - is first of all cells of the human body, though mutated.This means that once outside the body, they immediately die.Therefore, neither the saliva of the sick person or any other bodily discharges are not dangerous in terms of transmission, that is, the sick person can and hug and kiss, and change his underwear, without the risk of contracting cancer from it.Moreover, there will be ill immediately even if pricked with a needle, which has just been injected to the patient.Science is only one known case where a healthy surgeon, cut while removing the tumor, he soon fell ill with the same views of oncology.But a more detailed study of the situation, it was found that it was just a coincidence.The doctor already had all the prerequisites for the development of the disease and are more likely to be sick, even if it would not have happened.