plant components balms , depending on the composition, have a calming or stimulating effect on the central nervous system, improves skin tone and overall resistance to colds and viral infections, as it stimulates the immunesystem.
taking any balm should be strictly recommended doses indicated on the package, unless otherwise the doctor ordered.Since any balm contains a concentrated dose of therapeutic or restorative substances from plants that exceed the recommended dosage st
rictly contraindicated.
without consulting a specialist balm can not be taken for children, the elderly and immunocompromised people.Especially should be careful to those who have an allergic reaction to foods or medications.The concentrated composition balms can cause severe allergies, which would be difficult to bring down the drugs.
Some people have idiosyncrasy of components of the balsam.Therefore, regardless of whether there is an intolerance of a raw material or not, you need to start taking balm with a small dose.Just be sure that allergic or other negative reactions are not available, you can proceed to the doses indicated on the package.
If balm contains extract of plants, stimulating the nervous system, the persons suffering from hypertension, nervous disorders, insomnia, should refrain from taking it.People with low blood pressure and established hypotension receiving stimulating balm very help stabilize blood pressure and improve health.
balms that contain bee products, strictly contraindicated to take persons with allergies and intolerance to these products.
Finally.Each balm contains only natural ingredients, so it is welcome to be a long and regular, since natural ingredients have therapeutic and healing effect only after prolonged course intake.