pharmacological properties of the active substance

"Hofitol" - an extract of artichoke field has gepaprotektornym, choleretic and diuretic effect.Preparation improves the metabolism of cholesterol and lipids, as well as the purification of toxins, including salts of heavy metals and alkaloids. «Hofitol" comes in the form of tablets, oral solution, and injection vials.

Indications for use

«Hofitol" shown at hypokinetic variant of biliary tract dysfunction, characterized by a weak separation of bile and cirrhosis of the liver and fat hepatosis.The drug is prescribed for certain forms of chronic diseases, such as hepatitis, nekalkuleznogo cholecystitis, renal failure, nephritis, and intoxications.

Instructions for Use "Hofitol»

forms for oral administration - tablets and solution co
nsumed before a meal.The treatment lasts 2-3 weeks, a second course may be conducted
only on doctor's advice.The drug is taken 3 times a day.Adults and children from 15 years appoint 2-3 tablets or 2.5-5 ml of solution "Hofitol" for the reception.Children 6-15 years - 1 tablet or 0,6-1,25 ml (depending on age) per 1 reception. solution before use should be diluted in water.In 1 teaspoon contains 5 ml of the drug.

«Hofitol" for injection intramuscular and intravenous use.1-2 intramuscularly administered drug vial 1-2 times a day;IV - drip, 1 times a day, spreading the contents 1-2 ampoules "Hofitol" in 200 ml of saline.The duration of injection treatment - 8-15 days.

Contraindications The drug is contraindicated in patients with obstruction of the bile duct, bile in acute diseases and urinary tract, as well as liver and kidney."Hofitol" is not prescribed for a patient is hypersensitive to constituents of the preparation.

Chronic administration of high doses' Hofitol "may develop diarrhea.In rare cases, possible allergic reactions in form of urticaria.


drug "Hofitol" - effective cholagogue.According to reviews, it helps to eliminate stagnation of bile, shooting pain in periods of exacerbation.In addition, there is efficacy in toxemia during pregnancy.In order to avoid adverse health effects are not applied rekomendetsya "Hofitol" independently, without a prescription, that it will determine the feasibility of the treatment and the correct dosage of the drug.