should be noted that severe headaches normally stop yourself about the sixteenth week of pregnancy, after the shell of the fruit is fully formed, protecting it from negative influences.Since that time, the placenta begins to perform the protective function that allows the body to return to their usual state and less responsive to stimuli.
desirable before taking any medicines to consult a doctor, so as not to harm your body.Unfortunately, most conventional tablets and syrups from migraines expectant mothers do not fit, but you can try to use children's products in their concentration of chemicals and additives is much lower, so that they cause much less harm.
If we talk about active painkillers, shoul
d be excluded from the list of aspirin in any form because it thins the blood, which during pregnancy can be quite dangerous.It is necessary to abandon the drugs based on ibuprofen (including children), because it can provoke a slowdown of labor.As the active principle is better to choose paracetamol (and any tablet based on it).But even it is not necessary to take in large amounts and rates of more than three days, because it can affect the respiratory system of the fetus.Be sure to follow the instructions, do not take more than one gram of paracetamol.If you do not like something while taking this means there were any discomfort, be sure to contact your doctor.
Try to cope with a headache by other means.Aromatherapy essential oils of green apple and citrus fruits can reduce the discomfort and remove the pain.If possible, go to a physical therapist and ask him to explain what the point of impact should be during a migraine to get rid of it.Wet compresses - another excellent tool to combat the strong attacks of pain.
During pregnancy the cause of migraine may be rapidly changing blood sugar levels, so try to eat little but often, to remain at the same level, this method can reduce the number of attacks several times.If the headaches are not characterized by high intensity, they can pass after taking a cool shower, but do not make the water temperature is too low, so as not to get sick.