At risk are people whose immune system is weakened and disrupted circulation.Also, they have a greater chance of contracting and those who sweat profusely, have diabetes or psoriasis.The fungus is difficult to be treated and may occur again.Therefore better to prevent its occurrence, the more so because this is not difficult.
Do not walk barefoot in the pool, bath, sauna, shower, dressing room.On the beach, too, need to wear special shoes.The atmosphere of warmth and dampness promotes the development of fungal diseases.If this place was a man with a foot fungus, you can easily get infected by stepping on his bare foot tracks.
Carefully choose shoes for the summer season.The material must be able to be ventilated so that the skin of feet breathe.If the shoe injures foot, increas
es your risk.Most small abrasions, inflammation and sores - it opened the door for the fungus.Qualitative slates are equipped with special "plums" for water and micro-holes for air circulation.Carefully read the information on a pair of shoes, if it does not refrain from buying and look for a quality product.
Do not forget that in the summer you need to wash your feet after each exit to the street.Wipe dry with a clean cloth towel or individual.The pharmacy buy a special antifungal disinfectant and apply it after each washing of the feet.
Visiting pedicure salons interests, whether sterilized instruments from a master.If you are caring for the nails at home, wash your shears after each use and wipe them with disinfectant.
Boost immunity, which helps the body to resist the fungus.Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, rich in natural vitamins.To massage the toes and baths with natural herbs and decoctions of aromatic oils.Add a few drops of tea tree oil is a powerful antiseptic, which has immunostimulant and antifungal activity.
inspects nails.If they are struck by a fungus, you will see the yellow spots, roughness, thickening and looseness.Immediately seek medical help, only a doctor can prescribe you a suitable course of treatment.