bad ecology, age, poor diet, heredity - these negative facts impair vision.Correctly selected vitamins can strengthen it.Remember that vitamins A, C, E, B complex, and minerals: manganese, calcium, zinc, chromium, selenium and copper are recommended ophthalmologists to maintain eye health.
Choose vitamins for the eyes in pharmacies, it is important to be sure of their safety and effectiveness, which must be confirmed by clinical trials.Remember that if the drug contains only one active ingredient, as in the rest of this formative components and dyes, this drug is absolutely useless.Pick complex preparations with a dosage and recommended daily norm for your age.
choosing products made from plant material (bluebe
rries, black currants, parsley, red grape bones, carrots), make sure that the production of standardized substance used only to ensure the availability of raw materials useful in active substances.
aware that vitamin preparations with zinc are recommended for cataract.Vitamin A is required for night blindness.Preparations based parsley help in diseases of the optic nerve and the fragility of blood vessels.Vitamin A and group B reduces fatigue eye strain.
Remember that when myopia should strengthen blood vessels.Therefore, give preference to a complex of vitamins for the eyes, which contain vitamin C, calcium, beta-carotene and lutein, zinc.Ascorbic acid strengthens blood vessels, improves blood circulation, reduces tension of the eye muscles, improves blood circulation.Beta-carotene, transformed into vitamin A, generates visual pigments, calcium strengthens connective tissue eye.
not use vitamins for the eye constantly, it is advisable to drink their courses: three months with a break of 30 days.
Do not self, because only qualified ophthalmologist will determine whether you have an eye disease and recommend drugs and vitamins for the treatment and rehabilitation of eyesight.