«Microhydrin" neutralize free radicals that constantly appear in the body as a result of his life.To increase the amount of these substances cause: the lack of vitamins and minerals, eating sugar, fat intake of toxins from the air, food, water."Microhydrin" improves the general condition of the human body, it contributes to the efficient absorption of nutrients, improves skin tone and energy, improves mental alertness and physical performance of the brain.The drug increases the tolerance to high loads, promotes blood thinners and effective restoration of the structure of blood cells, slows aging, increases immunity.
tool available in capsule form.Each capsule contains 250 mg Microhydrin which consists of microclusters Flanagan and rice oil and rice flour.Microclusters Flanagan is a special form of silic
a consisting of tiny particles of colloidal silica.The preparation "Microhydrin Plus" except Microhydrin include: ascorbate, magnesium sulfate, magnesium, vitamin C, a mixture of antioxidants (green tea extract, quercetin, N-acetyl-L-cysteine, alpha-lipoic acid, an extract of milk thistle, aminohelatnaya formselenium, niacinamide).
Application "Microhydrin" quite universal.It is recommended to take it in situations in which the body needs help.The daily amount of the drug for adults and children 14 years of age is 1-2 capsules.For serious diseases, high loads can be increased to 10-12 capsules.The duration of the funds - 1 month.The drug has anti-doping certificate, so it can take the athletes.Large doses "Microhydrin" able to remove drug and alcohol "withdrawal."
Capsules "Microhydrin" should be taken during meals with a glass of water.It can not be used simultaneously with other medicines.Do not take the means in the evening, as there may be problems with falling asleep."Microhydrin" is contraindicated in hypersensitive to the components, pregnancy, lactation.The drug is not used in children under 14 years.Side effects "Microhydrin" is not identified, but may cause allergic reactions.Before applying the tools are encouraged to consult with your doctor.