determine the dose of insulin, based on several factors.Note the level of glucose in blood and urine, the time of day at which you are going to inject.Also be sure to keep in mind about how you are going to consume carbohydrates after injection and the level of physical activity after eating.
consider not only the main, but minor factors in determining the dose of insulin:
- body weight, including the thickness of the fat layer.The greater the weight of the patient, the slower the absorption of the drug;

- pregnancy and lactation;

- the presence of renal failure;

- the presence of acute infection, trauma, stress.In this case it is necessary to increase the dose of insulin;

- treatment with other drugs.Before the introduction of insulin should carefully read the instructions to them.
Define insulin is not a theoretical and empirically.The first payment should be made in hospital under strict observance of diet and daily routine.Thereafter, the dosage can be determined and the home, adjusting it depending on lifestyle.
Distribute individual daily need for insulin, but stick to certain rules:

- at twice the injection of insulin 2/3 the daily dose is best administered before the first meal, 1/3 - before the last reception.But this morning, it is used intermediate-acting insulin, and in the evening - short;

- at three times the injection of 40-50% of daily insulin needs to be administered before the first meal of 10-15% before the last meal, the remaining part - before going to bed.
Remember that when properly selected dose of insulin overdose can occur.At the same time there is increased sweating, weakness, tremors in the hands, there is a feeling of hunger.In severe overdose, when the blood sugar is greater than 2.7 mmol / L, there is agitation, convulsions, central nervous system depression and even coma.