What does folic acid

Action folic acid ensures normal DNA replication and the creation of new cells.With its lack of the process is broken.In children, it can cause delays in growth and development, in adults as a result there may be multiple disorders until oncology.
B9 is also necessary for the formation of red blood cells - red blood cells.

What foods contain folic acid

first folic acid was obtained in 1941 from spinach leaves.Since then, scientists have discovered many more products that contain this substance.B9 is present in legumes, citrus fruits, bread made from wheat flour, green leafy vegetables, yeast, liver, honey.However, many people have a lack of folic acid, so it is desirable additionally to use this drug in tabl
Lack B9 is most common in women and adolescents of both sexes and the elderly.

Indications for the use of folic acid

Depression, irritability, indigestion, nausea - this is the first alarm bells that can talk about what you need to start taking folic acid.If you do not attend to their own health in the future you can become inflamed tongue and mucous membrane of the lips, mouth appear small, but quite painful sores.Loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, loss of hair and teeth - the next step of developing the disease.Most often, the lack of B9 turns megaloblastic anemia, but there is the risk of developing diseases and cancer.

Folic acid in large quantities for pregnant women.Her lack of it can result in irreversible genetic defects in the fetus, complications during childbirth, or at all, and, miscarriage, premature birth or stillborn child.B9 is necessary not only to the fetus, but the expectant mother.This substance is involved in the restoration of the body after birth.Start taking folic acid, it is desirable even during the preparation for pregnancy.

How to take folic acid

folic acid is sold in pharmacies in the form of tablets.Get a cure for this - its price is low, and the value for the body is enormous.The average adult requires B9 400 micrograms per day, pregnant, this dose is increased to 500-600 micrograms (a more precise dosage will be specified in the instructions supplied with the product).Folic acid has no side effects.The only negative reaction that can occur - it is an allergy in people who are prone to it.It is easily stopped by antihistamines.