Side effects

usually well tolerated and valerian tincture or tablets are used at elevated nervousness, stress, fatigue, insomnia, pain in the heart, migraine.The man calms down, the pain passes, improves overall health, normal sleep.Tincture acts faster and more effective than pills.

In general, valerian acts gradually.Do not wait for some incredible results, taking it a couple of times.To achieve a stable treatment effect in many diseases need to take the drug long enough.However, in this case the risk of overdose.

But it can not be tolerated.In large quantities, valerian depresses the nervous system and the heart.And then the man embracing dep
ressed, he feels general weakness, malaise.When such symptoms drastically reduced performance.

should not be treated valerian 1-1.5 months longer without interruption.With longer application it can appear headaches, allergic skin reactions, and constipation.Overdose can testify and causeless feeling of fatigue or sleepiness.

especially need to be careful about taking simultaneously with valerian other sedatives.The degree of danger of such a combination is unpredictable, as valerian drops and tablets significantly enhance the effect of other sedatives or hypnotics!

not always possible to predict what effect valerian hypertension.In most cases it marked sedative effect, a slight decrease in blood pressure.But in some hypertensive contrary, it has a stimulating effect and causes a rise in pressure, nightmares or insomnia.

Some women not only in long-term, and even short-term use of valerian in just a few days can get sick liver, because it turns out that it is for them hepatotoxicity.So people take it, of course, should not be too general.

In addition, because of the long-term use or overdose of valerian may have indigestion.Sometimes, sharply raises the risk of blood clotting of blood clots.There are cases when a person develops apathy, he falls into a mild depression.


use valerian in the treatment impossible in case of hypersensitivity to the substance contained.Its reception is excluded for chronic nephritis and enterocolitis, alcoholism, in the first trimester of pregnancy.It never gives valerian children up to three years.

can not combine it with alcohol, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, opioids, as well as antihistamines.

contraindicated the use of alcohol tincture valerian when driving, the performance of work requiring reaction speed and concentration.