Birth control pills can help women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome.Their admission will go swelling before menstruation, there will be drastic changes in the mood.Furthermore, the duration of the menstrual period will be reduced to 1-2 days.This is understandable, as progestins, entering the body, will affect the thickness of the endometrium, the reason he will not have time to grow.

You should know that taking the contraceptive pill relieves menstrual pain a woman, so gynecologists commonly prescribed hormonal contraceptives patients with painful periods as a medicine.In this case, they should be taken at least six months.As a result, the ovaries go into a kind of holiday, after the return from which they start to work in a painless operation.It is imp
ortant to know that from birth control pills may increase the breast.But do not expect that from a flat-chested Twiggy can turn into Pamela Anderson, but to increase the bust size by 1-2 fail.

Thanks to hormonal contraceptives have the ability to solve some aesthetic problems.For example, they are able to stop excessive hair growth and solve problems with acne.Here are just preparations should have anti-androgennovym effect.They also assist the body woman who survived an abortion.For example, some contraceptives protect the ovaries from serious consequences.


impossible not to mention the fact that in some cases birth control pills can harm the body of woman.For example, hormonal contraceptives can enjoy the fair sex, who are regular sex life with one partner.It is important to know that not all birth control pills suited to girls under the age of 25 years.After all, their body continues to grow, and hormones are constantly changing.

Nulliparous young women have to choose micro or low-dose hormones.If birth control pills were incorrectly selected, they may cause weight gain.However, do not panic, as the latest generation of drugs will add only 1-2 kg instead of 20-30.It is also important to remember that some antibiotics and opiates cancel the effect of contraceptives.Therefore it is necessary at the time of their admission to use other means of protection from unwanted pregnancy.All the mechanisms of action of birth control pills should explain gynecologist, he will assign the best medication, harmless to the body.