Medicament "Ciprofloxacin" is antimicrobial broad-spectrum.Its principle of operation is that it destroys the DNA of the bacteria cell protein, whereby the efficiency and is manifested.Moreover, it acts not only on the activity of microorganisms, but also those which are at rest. In order not to be mistaken with the appointment of the drug, the physician must send the material on crop microflora and make an appointment already on the basis of this study.

Indications for use of this drug are infectious - inflammatory processes in the body, caused by pathogens susceptible to "ciprofloxacin".The range of actions it is wide enough, it is Koch's bacillus, and legionella, the
causative agent of brucellosis, chlamydia, streptococci and staphylococci.In most cases, "Ciprofloxacin" shows good therapeutic effect and is indicated for inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract, ENT organs, urinary tract, some sexually transmitted diseases, inflammation of the digestive system, musculoskeletal system, etc.

releasing this drug tablets, enteric-coated in different doses, in the form of ear and eye drops, as well as a solution for injection.

method of application, side effects and reviews.

drug "Ciprofloxacin" should be taken strictly on prescription, without exceeding the specified dosage, because it has a strong toxic effect on the organs and tissues.The dose of the drug assigned depends on the type of infection, the general health of the patient's body weight, renal function, as well as the severity of the underlying disease.

duration of treatment determined by the doctor, but we must remember that after the disappearance of symptoms of the disease need to continue treatment for at least another two days.Typically, doctors prescribe 7 - 10-day course of treatment with this drug. take "Ciprofloxacin" should be fasting, drinking enough water pill.

When receiving "Ciprofloxacin" possible side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, insomnia, increased intracranial pressure.As well as changes in taste and smell, hearing loss, tachycardia, irregular heartbeat, changes in the blood, various arthralgia, blood in urine, etc.The most serious consequences may cause an allergic reaction to this drug, until the development of angioedema.Reception "Ciprofloxacin" incompatible with alcohol, it enhances the toxic effect on the kidneys and liver.

These words are confirmed by the responses of patients to whom the drug has helped.All of them noted its high efficiency, but often there is mention of the associated side effects such as urinary retention, high blood pressure and insomnia.There are reviews of the occurrence of joint pain due to taking this drug.

Thus, we can conclude that "Ciprofloxacin" quite effective drug when it is a reasonable use.