Despite the fact that people can get sick with influenza several times during the life without serious consequences for the organism, the fight against this disease is one of the problems of modern medicine.The fact that existing influenza viruses can change its antigenic structure, which complicates their treatment and prevention.In addition, they have different effects on the human organism, so in advance to predict the effects of the disease is very difficult.
real breakthrough in the treatment of influenza was the invention of a vaccine that has saved many people.Today, doctors recommend getting vaccinated against this disease to people within the high-risk group: children, the elderly, people with chronic diseases of the
heart and lungs.However, the vaccine - a preventive measure, and it will work only if it will advance to guess what kind of flu virus enters the body.
For the treatment of this disease today also issued a lot of drugs, among which are especially appreciated symptomatic and anti-virals.One of them is "AnviMaks", which is used in the fight against influenza caused by virus A. However, it has a toxic effect of the flu and Group B.
into "AnviMaks" includes paracetamol has antipyretic andanalgesic, ascorbic acid, calcium gluconate and Rutoside that may prevent vascular fragility caused by influenza.But most importantly - in this preparation contained rimantadine having the ability to prevent the spread of influenza A virus in the cell."AnviMaks" also has antihistaminic effects on the body due to the presence of loratadine.
The flu, like other viral infections, antibiotics are never indicated in the first days of the disease.The latter may be recommended by a doctor just to deal with emerging complications from the flu, such as pneumonia, bacterial sinusitis, meningitis, etc.
To cure the flu faster and help the body to move it without consequences, it is important to begin treatment at the first signs of the disease: raising the temperature to 38 ° C, pain and dryness in the throat, aching muscles, weakness.It is very important not only to see a doctor, but also to reduce the burden and to comply with bed rest as an illness "on his feet" may lead to serious complications.
For effective treatment of influenza is also important to drink plenty of warm fluids.Best use of rosehip drink or raspberry, that not only increase in amount of the body of ascorbic acid, but also have antipyretic action.You can not drink too concentrated fruit drinks and juices from various berries or cherries, tea with honey and lemon, plain boiled water.