«Dramina": instructions for use

«Dramina" is intended for the prevention and treatment of motion sickness, which occurs when traveling in motor vehicles and traveling on an airplane.In addition, the drug is effective in the fight against seasickness, and Meniere's disease.Apply the medication can be in the presence of other vestibular disorders, such as short-term bouts of vertigo and associated nausea.

«Dramina" begins to act after 15-30 minutes after administration.The pronounced effect lasts for 5-6 hours.For the avoidance of side effects to use drug can be up to three times a day.The optimal dose for children 1-3 years of age is 1/4 pills.Older children (3-6 years), a single dose should be increased to half a tablet.At the age of 7-12 years can be used on a tablet at a time.The maximum dose for adults is 2 tablets at a time.Dri
nk "Dramina" necessary with a small amount of water, preferably after a light meal, or shortly before. If you have to short the trip, the recommended dosage "Dramina" appropriate to reduce by half.

«Dramina" is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women, children under one year and those who have an individual intolerance of components.Precautions should be taken medication to persons suffering from asthma, prostatic hypertrophy, and angle-closure glaucoma.In addition, "Dramina" affects the psychophysical abilities and can cause drowsiness.For this reason, use a medicine drivers and people of other professions that require attention, is not recommended. «Dramina" increases the effects of alcohol and sedatives.That is why their joint application is undesirable.

«Dramina": reviews

In most cases, "Dramina" act quickly and effectively, as evidenced by regular reviews taking its people.However, some complain of a slight deterioration of health after consuming the drug.The most common side effects, according to the instruction and feedback, is weakness, mild dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and headache.As a rule, all the unpleasant symptoms disappear on their own after a few hours.If the state of health has not improved during the day, you should see a doctor.