How to choose the pill

not need to ask for advice from friends.Each organism is unique, so before you buy the medication, consult your doctor.He will tell you what tests you need to pass.Since this method is associated with the use of hormones, it is necessary to know exactly the dosage.In different formulations of estrogen and progesterone content is different.

should not forget the presence of contraindications, thus resolved for this type of contraception without the advice of a specialist is not necessary.Your doctor may suggest other ways to protect themselves from pregnancy to be optimal for a particular organism.

principle of oral contraceptives

Typically, the package contains 21 or 28 tablets.Option where
there are more, much more convenient.In this case, you need to take pills every day, without making breaks during menstruation.A woman while maintaining a certain habit.If the pack 21 pill after their adoption to do a seven-day break, and then you need to start a new pack.

If you are going to start to receive the tablets for the first time, you need to take them from the first day of menstruation.Do not forget that is to read the instructions to a particular drug.Then, critical days will advance between 21 th and 28 th day.Starting next pack should be 29 days.Even if menses have not ended, all you need to drink on schedule.

Optimally, take the tablets in the same time.Put a reminder on your phone and do not miss the oral contraceptives.If you forget to use the drug in time, have intercourse to use barrier methods.If it has been less than 12 hours from the time when it was necessary to drink the medication, drink a pill, and then follow the usual schedule, pregnancy is unlikely in this case.If the past day - take two tablets at the right time, but within 7 days, use a condom.If you pass more than 2 days, per day will have to take 2 pills and 7 days to abstain from unprotected sex.

take hormonal pills at any age.But if there is dizziness, weakness, chest pain, should consult a doctor.If during the use of the drug occur spotting, do not panic.Most importantly, their duration was not more than 3 days.If a sudden onset of menstruation is not very appropriate, then after 21 days, you can immediately start a new pack.In this scenario, menstruation, this time will not.However, to do things like consecutive months is prohibited.