you need
  • great desire to quit smoking, nicotine patch, nicotine gum, sunflower seeds.
People smoke without worrying about their health.If there is no will power, you will cope with this dependence is almost impossible.But sooner or later imposes a question: why do I need it?The most important thing to come to this step seriously, it all depends on your willingness to give up this bad habit.The first step is to write down on paper all the reasons on which would be worth to quit, starting with injury and finishing inconvenience the people around you.Before going to bed to put an empty pack of cigarettes at the bedside.Put a note inside, "I quit smoking."The main thing to set yourself and not try to persuade.In the morning get up and try not to smoke, to take yourself affair and it is desirable that the house were not present smok
ers.Of course, the body will require the nicotine, but there are plenty of substitute assets.
aids in the fight against smoking - nicotine patch, nicotine gum, sunflower seeds, sucking candy.
Often remember, that you overcome a very difficult task.Your teeth become progressively whiter, lighter skin, the hands do not smell of tobacco, cough gradually passes, your attitude gets better himself.With the money you do not spend on cigarettes, you can treat yourself interesting shopping.

No need to make light of his box of nicotine and tar.