After examination of the patient with eczema, doctors often prescribe a special ointment that meet certain requirements.Ointment for eczema is to provide a comprehensive therapeutic effect, eliminate the main symptoms - itching and burning to be a barrier to the penetration of pathogens, moisturize the skin.But the most important feature of such a therapeutic agent is the lack of negative impact on the human body.Independently find ointment, satisfying these requirements, it is practically impossible.Only a professional will select the right drug for the treatment of eczema in each case.

«hydrocortisone ointment»

«hydrocortisone ointment" - the most popular drugs used to treat eczema.It is usually prescribed for inflammation of the s
kin of an allergic etiology.A thin layer of the ointment applied to the affected area three times a day."Hydrocortisone ointment" can be purchased at any pharmacy, but it should not be used without a doctor's prescription, as it has a number of contraindications: infectious skin diseases - pyoderma, tuberculosis, mycosis, accompanied by ulcerative lesions.


«Soderm" - a remedy for eczema from the group of corticosteroids, quickly get rid of the main disease symptoms - pain and itching.But in addition to the positive impact of this tool has side effects like itching and the appearance of spots on the skin, abundant hair growth, kidney dysfunction.When expressed side effect of the drug should be lifted immediately.Contraindications ointment "Soderm" are: lupus, acne, smallpox, children up to a year.This tool is not allowed to use in conjunction with other drugs of this pharmacological group.


effective drugs for eczema, used in the first stage of the disease is "Dermasan."It restores the skin well with little damage to it, but it is absolutely not suitable for the treatment of chronic forms of the disease.Apply "Dermasan" on dry and clean skin 3 times a day.Contraindications to the use ointments are individual intolerance components, pregnancy, lactation, skin ulcers.


«Skin-cap" - a remedy for eczema with antibacterial and antifungal activity.Treatment of this preparation is performed for 2 weeks in a skin ointment rubbing 2 or 3 times a day.Before using "Skin-cap" should consult a dermatologist.This tool has no contraindications, allowing it to use almost every patient.

Treatment of eczema long and difficult.On how properly selected drug depends on the patient's recovery.During the treatment of eczema should be fully fed, personal hygiene and all the doctor's recommendations.