Some people tend to resent and without, without understanding that what really happened.It is up to them to hear complaints about the fact that vaccination against influenza was the supposedly worthless, still had lain week with fever, headaches and coughing.Undoubtedly, it could be the flu.The probability that a person struck a hitherto unknown kind of flu, from which have not yet developed a vaccine exists.But in most cases the patient becomes the victim of a banal SARS, which has little to do with a disease called influenza.Flu symptoms are rather specific and they are not so difficult to recognize.
This flu starts suddenly falls on the person literally wave.You can be pretty in the mornin
g refreshed and bear a bunch of plans and ideas for dinner to feel unwell, and by the evening ache in full force.The common cold is creeping up gradually over how much days, letting his approach runny nose, cough, sore throat.While flu patient knocks down a fever, accompanied by a sharp rise in temperature, severe headache, general aches.Patient possession of exorbitant fatigue, his only desire is to ensure, to go to bed and sleep.
The temperature rarely stays within 38 ° C, as is the case with simple SARS.The patient has the flu can begin a real fever, in which on the scale of the thermometer displays the values ​​in the 39-40 ° C, and sometimes even higher.Yes, and the disease lasts no longer than an example of the common cold.While in the second case, the patient had a couple of days feeling completely healthy, the first recovery may be delayed for 7-10 days, and sometimes even before it takes more than one week.
To start the illness and reduce the risk of complications, must be time to start taking special drugs designed to fight the flu.One such drug is AnviMaks.Its uniqueness lies in the fact that well-chosen combination of components of different spectrum allows not only to alleviate the existing symptoms, such as headache or fever, but also to prevent spread of the virus in the body.It contained calcium gluconate Rutoside and reduce the permeability of small blood vessels.A protivvirusnoe rimantadine has a direct effect on the influenza virus type A, and encourages the body to make interferon, which also allows you to soften the unpleasant symptoms of the disease.
Sometimes symptoms of flu may not be as pronounced, and a feeling of faintness, light allows to suspect that a body that something is wrong.In case of doubt, it is not necessary to read tea leaves, better immediately seek professional help, so he determined flu is still or not.