mechanism of action

main active component of "Chimes" is dipyridamole.Dipyridamole increases blood levels of adenosine, and reduces its concentration in cells by blocking its capture cellular structures.

Adenosine - a substance that is produced naturally in the body.It contributes to the expansion of small blood vessels that supply blood to all the organs.Dipyridamole adenosine prevents blood collapse increases its concentration in blood and, therefore, improves blood flow and nutrition internal organs.

Thanks impact on small vessels, the drug does not reduce blood pressure, if the correct dosage is maintained.

"Curantil" improves microcirculation of blood in the body, restores blood vessels, protects the vascular bed of blood clots, increases life expectancy of platelets and stimulates the immune system, thanks to the participation in the synthesis of interferon.Thus, "Curantil" protects women from unwanted viral infections, which is extremely important in early pregnancy.

"Curantil" Pregnancy is often prescribed for the favorable development of the unborn child.The drug improves the function of internal organs, and thus contribute to improve nutrition and blood supply to the uterus.Also, the drug helps relieve swelling, headaches and cramps, helps to cope with high blood pressure in the early stages, improves cerebral blood circulation.

apparent advantage of the drug, according to doctors, is its absolute safety for the fetus."Curantil" helps improve blood supply to the placenta, does not accumulate in the body and does not affect the unborn child.

When prescribers

Application "chimes" advisable in the case in a woman's disturbed microcirculation.Also pills prescribed if there is a risk of blood clots in the bloodstream.To prevent such situations you need to take a medicine for atherosclerosis and varicose veins.It protects a woman from a possible heart attack or stroke, and acute thrombosis of varicose veins.

also receive "Chimes" is appropriate if the woman has a history of preterm or post-term pregnancy, placental insufficiency, preeclampsia, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders.

Sometimes doctors recommend drinking "Curantil" chronic exacerbations of various infections (ARI, acute respiratory infections, herpes), as the drug has immunostimulatory properties.It is important that the dose strictly enforced, and the treatment took place under the supervision of a physician.If the dosage is controlled by the doctor and the woman promptly losing control tests, the drug does not cause any harm to the baby.

When the drug is unsafe

As is the case with any other drug, is unacceptable in the case of self-acceptance, "chimes".The drug should drink only prescribed by a doctor, do not forget about possible side effects.

Side effects curantyl:

  • negative reaction from the central nervous system (dizziness, headache).
  • negative reaction from the cardiovascular system (tachycardia, hypotension).
  • Side effects from the digestive system and gastrointestinal tract (digestive disorders, nausea, diarrhea).
  • Skin rashes, urticaria.

Any side effects should be monitored by your doctor.If a woman has an increased sensitivity to the drug, the dosage should be reduced in case of adverse reactions to take the medicine should not be at all.

There are also a number of contraindications to the "Courant".In these cases, use of the drug is prohibited:

  • idiosyncrasy of existing components;
  • hemorrhagic diathesis;
  • severe degree of cardiac arrhythmia;
  • collapse, impaired consciousness;
  • bleeding;
  • expressed degree of hypotension (pressure drop);
  • heart failure, kardiodistrofiya;
  • artery stenosis;
  • angina;
  • acute heart attack or stroke, Pre-stroke conditions;
  • bleeding disorders;
  • serious violations of the heart;
  • kidney and liver failure.

Before prescribed the drug, the doctor should appoint a study patient blood clotting (coagulation).If the doctor sees the results of the analysis of coagulation disorders, the use of "Chimes" is not allowed.

Questions about how to take the medication, what should be the dose, there has to be a long course of treatment should be decided by the attending physician.In pregnancy, women often advised to take one tablet, "chimes" 3 times a day.The individual dosage can be increased.In this case, the dosage regimen will be different.

medicine is taken on an empty stomach, with a little water.At the first sign of overdose or negative reactions on the part of the body should stop taking the drug and seek medical advice.