What hematogen?

In 1890, the scientist discovered the beneficial properties of bovine blood, which includes a large amount of iron needed for normal blood formation in humans.He singled out Black food albumin, which is also called hemoglobin powder or iron concentrate.The result was the first hematogen - in those days it was sold as a medicine.

Hematogen - the champion on the content of iron, stands in first place in front of the liver and apples.

Today hematogen made in the form of bars, resembling chocolate.To improve the taste it adds honey, condensed milk, and other additives, as it is composed of ascorbic acid and various nutrients.But the main ingredient of this product is still made from the dried blood of cattle.

Hematogen has on the human body tonic effect, it is a good prophylactic against many diseases.Admission hematogen increases the amount of hemoglobin in the blood, helps the normal course of hematopoiesis.This is a good source of vitamins and amino acids.

harm hematogen

Hematogen, like any medicine, is harmful in large doses.Some believe that the more to eat this product, the more benefit it will bring.In fact, the rate for an adult is sixty grams a day, and for the child - thirty.Giving hematogen children can only be five years.Sometimes even small doses hematogen side-effects: nausea, diarrhea, but this happens very rarely.

Exceeding standards can lead to stomach problems, but too much iron can cause heart disease, liver and pancreas.

Hematogen harmful in diabetes mellitus (may even cause death), and metabolic disorders.It consists of digestible carbohydrates that raise blood sugar.Excessive consumption of this product can lead to obesity, since it contains sugar.

thrombophlebitis, and pregnancy are also contraindications as hematogen thickens the blood, which increases the risk of developing blood clots.It is also not desirable for pregnant women to consume such allergenic foods, because their immune system is weakened.

Not all products are called "hematogen" brings health benefits, some bars are not natural, and made from a mixture of different chemical compounds.Such hematogen can lead to allergies and other side effects.