«Postinor" sold in cardboard packs.The package contains two blisters of one tablet each.One tablet 750 mg levonorgestrel.The contraceptive effect is based on the ability of the drug to inhibit ovulation, fertilization and implantation to prevent the ovum.If implantation has already occurred contraceptive effect does not occur.

When properly receiving the contraceptive effect of up to 95%.It is important to take the first pill as soon as possible, ideally ─ in the first few hours after intercourse, especially if the intercourse took place the day before ovulation.The average efficiency of 85%.

How to take "Postinor»

Reception "Postinor" in the first days after sexual intercourse is effective in 95% of cases, if more
than 24 hours but less than 48 hours, the efficiency is 85%, receiving "Postinor" on the expiration of the second dayafter intercourse provided that it took less than 72 hours after intercourse ensures effectiveness in 58% of cases.If after sexual intercourse has been more than 72 hours, the emergency contraception "Postinor" impractical.

second tablet should be taken 12 hours after the first.Allowed interval between administration of no more than 16 hours. If there was vomit within 3 hours after taking the "Postinor» ─ should take a pill again except in cases when this time has been more than 72 hours. In this case, there is no contraceptive effect.

Doses sufficient to prevent pregnancy and do not cause irreversible changes in a woman's body.The drug is not recommended to use more than once per cycle.If you resort to emergency contraception more than once a year ─ consult a gynecologist for the selection of safe and effective contraceptives.

contraindications and interactions with other drugs

Efficiency "Postinor" markedly reduced in women who are taking certain antibiotics, barbiturates and anti-virals.If you are taking any medications, should clarify their compatibility with "Postinor."Such consultation is the responsibility of the pharmacist.Keep in mind that the trade names of drugs may be different, but because the independent reading of the summary can be uninformative.The pharmacist must know the active ingredients of drugs or refer to the handbook.

The drug should not be taken to persons under 16 years old during pregnancy, women with severe hepatic insufficiency, women with Crohn's disease, and if you are hypersensitive component.

If reception "Postinor" is contraindicated or would be clearly reduced ─ refer to the antenatal clinic for emergency IUD insertion.Such a measure also prevents the implantation of the ovum, and prevent pregnancy.

If a woman has irregular menstrual cycle, before taking "Postinor" should be deleted pregnancy, as pregnancy is a contraindication for receiving "Postinor."Re woman can not get pregnant, and a previously implanted fertilized egg "Postinor" has a negative impact.US in this case, little information, and therefore it is better to be tested for HCG.Analysis of preparing for 24 hours, if the need arose in the post-coital contraception weekends or holidays can turn to private diagnostic centers or laboratories for gynecological hospitals.

«Postinor" and pregnancy

If contraceptive effect has not occurred, and the woman became pregnant, the continuation of the pregnancy is possible and desirable ─ the child is born healthy, since levonorgestrel is rapidly excreted from the body, and in the first few days of development of the ovum is dueown nutrients.

If menstruation does not come on time, you should do an ultrasound or a pregnancy test.Immediately after receiving the "Postinor" need to see a gynecologist for the selection of contraceptives or for advice on the correct use of barrier methods, as is often the need for emergency contraception if used improperly, there is vaginal caps, diaphragms and condoms.