Vital functions of the fetus is entirely dependent on the umbilical cord and placenta.All nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the baby from the mother's blood, as a result of anything that is in the mother's blood soaks the fruit.There are a number of drugs are contraindicated during pregnancy becausethey can bring harm to an unborn baby.Especially dangerous is the first trimester, becausein this period is the process of laying all the organs of the child.So if you think you have a pregnancy, before taking medication, consult a physician.
women in positions of absolutely contraindicated antibiotics,
anti-inflammatory, and hormonal drugs.The less chemicals get into the mother's body, the better the child.Therefore, in this period, preferably natural medicines, herbs and other traditional treatments.It should be borne in mind that herbs and have unwanted side effects, so before using them be sure to check with your doctor.
Caffeine and tannins lead to excessive stimulation of the nervous system of the child which result in hyperactivity and restlessness baby.
Tranquilizers can provoke development of various fetal abnormalities, but so far developed more modern version, specifically designed for pregnant women.
aspirin at higher doses can lead to internal bleeding or a baby to miscarriage.
Oral contraceptives also can cause miscarriage.
Fenatsitin has harmful effects on the kidneys of the fetus, contributing to their abnormal development.
Various antibiotics have different effects on the body of the child - they can trigger deafness, jaundice, heart disease and kidney failure, and bad for the future condition of the teeth remains.
Antihistamines cause a variety of abnormalities in fetal development, but there is a safe and modern facilities for pregnant women.
Cortisone negative effect on the fetus and the state of the placenta, it can trigger the birth of a stillborn child or his development of such a defect as "cleft palate".
progesterone cause genetic abnormalities in girls that face them in the future infertility.
Tsiklofsatin softens the bones of the child, making them brittle.Also with great care can be taken antiemetics and laxatives, can cause miscarriage or premature birth.