Such medicines - immunomodulators - account for a whole group of drugs.All of them are different, but the whole body, and only parts of the immune system.Such drugs are necessary for those who are often sick, it carries the disease difficult, long time recovering from illnesses.
usually first turn to herbal preparations, especially if it is necessary to strengthen the defenses of the child.On the basis of the juice of Echinacea purpurea produced drops and pills "Immunal."Very useful this medication for those prone to frequent colds, flu."Immunalom" can the immune system to treat both adults and children older than one ye
ar.But the drug can cause allergies.It is contraindicated in leukemia, collagen, tuberculosis, HIV infection.
efficiency and other vegetable immunomodulators: Eleutherococcus extract, ginseng, Rhodiola rosea, lemongrass.They can even be taken preventively during periods of seasonal colds, stress physical and mental strength.These medicines are not recommended for use only in the hot season.It should also be aware that strengthen the immune system and hips, walnuts, buds and leaves of birch, nettle, seaweed.
animal feed produced in the immunoregulatory proteins called "Myelopid", "Timalin", "Taktivin", "Timopin."These drugs are effective for many acute and chronic diseases, especially for bone fractures, osteomyelitis.
Immunoglobulins - a unique protein molecules that neutralize most of the pathogens and their toxins.Communicating with them, they destroy and remove them from the body.There are five classes of human immunoglobulins: G, M, A, D and E. This is the power of drug treatment, even very serious infectious disease.
interaction of immune cells improves "Betaleukin" and "Roncoleukin.""Betaleukin 'stimulates the production of its own interferon, blood platelets, accelerates tissue regeneration, so it is prescribed for severe trauma, sepsis, after radiotherapy and chemotherapy cancer patients.A universal "Roncoleukin" successfully neutralize and viruses and bacteria, and fungi.His injections made even with intrauterine infection.
Another large group of drugs - interferons."With interferon" cure almost any viral infection, even during pregnancy and breastfeeding."Grippferon" buried in the nose of the flu and other viral diseases, but "Lokferon" - in the face of viral inflammations.Tuberculosis, sepsis, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis cure "leukinferon."
widely used and bacterial immunomodulators."IRC-19", for example, may protect against SARS, flu, children with the age of three.In diseases of the oral cavity and pharynx resolves pill "Imudon."Very useful product - "Bronhomunal" He is simply indispensable for the prevention of bronchitis, pneumonia.
Finally, the new generation of drugs - "polioksidony" and "Galavit."Often they are effective even with AIDS, and in the late stages of cancer.To cure these diseases it is certainly not by force, but they are significantly prolong the lives of patients.However, these drugs are expensive and require long-term treatment.