principle of the drug "Enalapril┬╗

drug "Enalapril" refers to a group of drugs ACE inhibitors.The principle of its action is associated with the fact that it activates the formation of enzymes having vasodilating properties and blocking enzymes with the opposite effect.Taken together, these factors are the use of "Enalapril" it gives a good result.Furthermore, this drug has diuretic properties, i.e.promotes excretion of fluid excretion.As a consequence, reduces the load on the heart muscle.It also helps reduce blood pressure. Beginning 40 years, need to control their blood pressure, and if necessary, take steps to reduce it.

Indications for use and side effects of drug

"Enalapril" is applied by a physician in arterial hypertension, chronic heart failure a
nd hypertensive crises, and as part of combination therapy in the treatment of angina, and renal failure.The dosage of the drug prescribed by the physician.The daily dose is divided into two steps.Contraindications for use of the drug "Enalapril" is a heightened sensitivity to it, bilateral renal artery stenosis, hyperkalemia, as well as pregnancy.

case of overdose "Enalapril" possible sharp decline in blood pressure, myocardial infarction or cerebrovascular accident.In such cases, an urgent need to provide quality medical care.There is a possibility of side effects from the use of this drug.Possible itching, skin rash, shortness of breath, dry cough, changes in the digestive system, central nervous system. We must remember that the causes of hypertension are all different, so a single counter treatments do not exist.Prescriber may only doctor.

Reviews of preparation "Enalapril┬╗

The main problem with all antihypertensive drugs, in particular, "Enalapril", a disorderly their use.In their responses, patients write that periodically while taking this drug, do not get the desired effect in reducing blood pressure.Often it happens when patients begin to self-medicate on the advice of friends who helped this drug.This is confirmed by those, such as reviews "take" Enalapril "for three weeks, but the pressure is not reduced."Also, there are complaints about such side effects "Enalapril" cough.There he is with long-term use of the drug and are often dependent on the company - the manufacturer of the drug.In such cases, you should consult your doctor to adjust treatment regimens.

However, most left positive reviews.Patients report that the most effective of all the medications they are taking before.