Indications for use "Albucidum" are infectious diseases of the eye.Acting on microbes, this drug does not kill them, and prevents the growth, so it is important to carry out continual treatment by the doctor.Most ophthalmologist recommends bury "Albucidum" every 1.5-2 hours, the duration of the therapeutic course of 7-14 days.In cases where the clinical signs of inflammation have disappeared already at 3-4 days of treatment, you should definitely continue to use the drug to 7 days, ason mucous eyes may remain pathogens.For the treatment of inflammation of the eye membranes used in adults 30% solution, and children up to 12 years: 20% concentration.
Before using the product rinse your eyes with lukewarm water and dry them to a separa
te board with a dry cloth or disposable in the direction from the outer edge to the inner eye.Remember that conjunctivitis is easily transmitted from one eye to the other through the towel.In addition, you can transfer the infection hands - rubbing first patient eye, and after a short time - healthy.Therefore, be sure to observe hand hygiene.
If you have one eye is infected, the second you need eyedrops for prevention.It is important to comply with the order of the drug - first drip the medicine in a healthy eye, and then - in a sore.
to use "Albucidum" zaprokinte head, pull the lower eyelid, direct gaze up and squeeze 2 drops into the inner corner of the eye.This place is the lacrimal sac, the medicine gets in and washes the surface of the eye during blinking.The volume of lacrimal sac is about half drops, but if you have dripped more nothing bad will happen - just the medicine is spilled, but the smaller dose will be ineffective becausetears will wash quickly.Repeat the procedure every 2 hours is necessary, becauseDuring this time, the lacrimal sac is released from the drug and in the absence of the drug begins the growth of bacteria.
often in the treatment of purulent diseases interchangeably used several drugs, such as "Albucidum" and drops "Chloramphenicol".In this case, first bury one drug, and after two hours another.Technology similar to instillation of eye drops for all drug solutions for the treatment of the eye.
Ā«Albucidum" is used as a means for emergency prevention of infectious diseases (hepatitis, HIV) in case of accidental contact with the mucous membrane of the eyes of the biological material of the patient man.In this case, immediately rinse eyes with water and drip 2-3 drops of the drug, repeat use of the drug three times at an interval of 1.5 hours.