Check vision eye doctor, you need to contact the clinic at his residence.In other cases, an ophthalmologist can receive advice in the salons of optics, and immediately order the points.In this case, the service specialist will be free.There are also private clinics, you can check the vision there, but the prices are appropriate.
However, you can check the pre-vision and at home to make sure it actually decreased and you have to go to the doctor.There are several rules:

- Check the sight only when normal feeling, and his eyes are not tired.
- Each eye is tested separately, the second zazhmurivat do not need, you just have to cover it with his hand.
- When checking the view does not need to squint, tilt his head and strain your eyes.
- Table eyesight testing should have go
od lighting.

Then answer the following questions:

- How often do you have the fatigue, pain, feeling of sand in the eyes, especially towards the end of the working day?
- Does the redness, tearing, blurred vision, how often?
-Byvaet it happen that sometimes the image begins to fork?
- Are there any pain in the temples?

If most of the questions you answered yes, then the risk of vision loss is very high, your eyes are overloaded and you can think about where your eyes tested.

To check vision, without leaving your home, on your computer, open the Word, you select the scale of the sheet of 100%, the font is Arial, font size 22 Arbitrarily, type a few letters in the document, and then depart by 5 meters and try to distinguish between them.If you do not, come closer to the distance from where you can easily read the writing.Thereafter, the distance from the monitor itself to be multiplied by 0.2.This is your current vision.You can also open the book with a font size of 2.5 mm.Normally, this text should be visible at a distance of 35 cm.

course, this is a preliminary result of the refinement of diopters and recommendations still have to go to the doctor, but you will have some idea of ​​what a doctor can tell.