you need
  • oxygen concentrator, kokteyler, spoon, cup (200-300 ml), straw, natural juice (juice, fitonastoy, milkshake, and so on. D.) Powder for foam solution.
To prepare oxygen cocktail , obzavedites oxygen concentrator, oxygen kokteylerom (a special device, which is placed in a liquid base) and any drink enriched foaming agent.
In kokteyler fill the required number of refrigerated packaged or freshly squeezed juice (Morse fitonastoya, milkshakes and so on. D.) Keep in mind that between the drain spout kokteylera and the upper level of the drink should be at least3-4 cm of free space.Otherwise ready cocktail will contain a certain number of non-enriched oxygen source drink.
in juice add latherin
g component in the form of a special powder for foam solution at the rate of 1 sachet - 2 liters of juice (Morse fitonastoya, milkshakes and so on. D.) Fill the first half of the required number ofpowder mix thoroughly for 2-3 minutes.Then add the rest of the powder and mix again.Let sit a solution of 15 to 30 minutes.Once again mix.
Close kokteyler and off of it, connect the hose to the oxygen concentrator.
Put an empty glass under the pouring spout kokteylera and activate the oxygen supply.
From kokteylera into a glass will come ready to drink the oxygen in the form of a foam starting material.
can consume oxygen cocktail two ways: sip it through a straw and eat with a spoon.