Indications Duspatalin

Duspatalin refers to myotropic antispasmodic drugs.It relaxes the muscles of the bowel to stroke and eliminates pain.Duspatalin most effectively on the large intestine, while normal peristaltic activity is not disrupted, and the tone of the intestine is not reduced.This preparation eliminates the pain that occurs when biliary colic. Duspatalin excreted in the urine in the form of metabolites.

Duspatalin prescribed for spasmodic pains in the abdomen, with colic, irritable bowel syndrome, with biliary colic, gall bladder dysfunction, disease states after removal of the gallbladder.The drug can help in the secondary spasms of the gastrointestinal tract caused by diseases of other organs (such as pancreatitis or cholecystitis), and functional disorders of the digestive system, to eliminate pain i
n discomfort in the gut.

Instructions for use Duspatalin

Duspatalin tablets should be taken 30 minutes before meals for 1 piece three times a day.The pellet is washed down with half a glass of clean drinking water.The duration of the drug is determined by the appearance of a persistent clinical effect (to eliminate pain in the abdomen).After that is required to phase out the drug - for 3-4 weeks: the first week in the morning and in the afternoon you need to take one tablet Duspatalin whole, and in the evening - half, in the second week of taking the drug 2 times a day for one whole tablet in the morning and eveningin the third week - in the morning for one whole tablet in the evening - at the half.In the 4th week - take one tablet in the morning.It does not abruptly cancel Duspatalin otherwise develop withdrawal of the drug. Due capsules, the active ingredient is released slowly Duspatalin, it ensures its long-term exposure - up to 16 hours.

Duspatalin capsules you need to drink 20 minutes before meals with a capsule-half cup of clean water.Capsules take 1 thing twice a day.The duration of treatment depends on the speed of the normalization of the smooth muscles of the digestive tract.After reaching a stable clinical outcome Duspatalin need to abolish the scheme: for 1-2 weeks, you need to take 1 capsule daily in the morning.Then stop using the product for 2 days, and to assess their state of health.If symptoms have not appeared back spasms, you can stop taking Duspatalin.If discomfort appeared again, you need to drink a week Duspatalin capsules - one capsule a day (in the morning), and only then stop taking the drug.