How does "Endonorm»

«Endonorm" is useful in all forms of thyroid dysfunction: the different types of thyroid and endemic goiter, climacteric syndrome, when there is hormonal changes the body, with mastitis, endometriosis and other diseases of the reproductive femaleauthorities, as well as in complex treatment of metabolic disorders. into "Endonorma" contains only natural substances - extracts from herbs and roots of Potentilla white series of tripartite and licorice.

Contraindications "Endonorma" can serve as an individual intolerance to the components of the drug, pregnancy and lactation.It is also undesirable to use them in conjunction with thyroid horm
ones and drugs that inhibit its activity.

produced the drug in gelatin capsules, to buy and need to take it as directed by your doctor and according to the annotation to the drug.

Features ingestion and reviews about it

When receiving "Endonorma" must adhere to a certain diet to include in the diet foods rich in selenium, zinc and vitamin C is necessary either to take complex vitamins, which contain these minerals.Products that violate the thyroid gland, on the contrary, should be excluded from power.These include various types of cabbage - cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower.In addition, it is not necessary to use turnips, turnip and millet. provide the body with vitamin C, zinc and selenium in the diet can include saltwater fish, seafood, pistachio nuts, brewer's yeast, garlic, as well as liver, eggs, beef, pumpkin seeds and oat flakes.

Reviews BAA "Endonorm" suggests that it is quite effective drug, but it needs to take a long time, like all dietary supplements.Only in this case, patients notice an improvement in their state associated with a reduction in the level of intoxication of internal organs: the lack of shortness of breath, easy, increase efficiency and focus.Buy "Endonorm" can be without a prescription, but without consulting the specialist treatment may not be effective.

The fact that this drug has no analogues, suggests that scientists have been able to combine the components in the correct proportions, in order that he had a good performance.